Friday, March 25, 2016

Oliver: 6 months

Today is Oliver's *half* birthday and he continues to work his way to the most special spots in our hearts! He's such a loving baby...playful, smiley and just plain adorable...
Oliver LOVES people, he simply cannot get enough of all the love and attention that he gets from everyone around him; he loves being held, played with, rocked, talked to, etc.. you get the point..he just loves life!.. Of course this also translates into a VERY needy baby, which can get very exhausting at times...especially at night...
Speaking of nights..can you believe that this baby STILL doesn't sleep through the night?? :( .. He basically wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat and even though most times he falls right back asleep, there are nights when he prefers to talk, play around or just cry for no season (those nights are criminal!). He is also VERY hard to put down and we usually spend a good hour or so trying to get him to go down for his first night stretch, which I call his "night naps" for obvious reasons...
As far as milestones go, Oliver is pretty much on track (or ahead!) with every single thing a baby his age is supposed to achieve; he rolls in both directions, can sit unassisted, grabs things with both hands, shakes toys, blows kisses, waves bye bye, smiles on command, babbles and mimics pretty much every sound and can even drink from a straw, which is one of his recent accomplishments... 
He also recently started eating REAL food and loves to share meals with us; since we're doing baby led weaning this time around, he basically eats whatever we eat (within allergen limits, of course); so far he has had avocados, pasta, bread, bananas, yogurt and rice...we are having so much fun feeding him and getting to try new things and so far his appetite hasn't disappointed! 

This month Oliver took his very first plane ride...a very LONG plane ride too.. we flew from Miami to Berlin, with a layover in Istanbul, Turkey and we were so amazed at how well he did; his fussing was very minimal and he basically slept/nursed for most of the flight.  He has also done remarkably well during our time in Europe showing us that he adapts amazingly to new situations.  

No weight or height updates this month but I know he's already over 20 lbs. And last but not least, we are STILL exclusively and very successfully breastfeeding, which I continue to be very proud of; the plan remains to breastfeed at least until he's 1 and then take it from there...he sure loves his mama's milk! :)

Here are some pictures for cuteness! 
Happy 6 months, baby boy! ;) 

And here's a little collage I made of his first 6 months.  It's amazing how much babies change in such short amount of time!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Movie review: "Zootopia"

Even though we saw this movie on Friday and I'm a bit late with my review, I'll go ahead and post it for my blog's here it is!
Zootopia is another one of those Disney masterpieces that is bound to captivate all families and people of all ages.
The characters are cute, animation is spotless and the's a bit complicated for younger kids but it still delivers a great message.
In Zootopia you can be "anything you want to be", and that's the core of the message in this movie, that there are no limits to what you set your mind to and anyone can make a difference if the heart desires it.
The story revolves around officer Hops, who is the first bunny cop and one that has her heart set on making a difference; she has always dreamed of being a good cop and teaching the bad guys a lesson. In her quest to fulfill her dream, she comes across Nick Wilde (a fox, voice by Jason Bateman), who helps her solve the mystery of predators becoming wild and threatening to disrupt the harmony in city of Zootopia.
Officer Hops is able to uncover the plot and catch the people behind it and her findings reveal corruption and abuse from the most unlikely suspects.  Like I mentioned above, I thought the story was a bit too complex for younger kids since it involves political corruption, self-driven revenge and other elements that I deem too "advanced" for kids under 8 or so, but the movie still manages to keep the kids entertained and interested in the story line.
There are so funny characters that help make the story even more appealing, like Flash the sloth, Gazelle the singer anda few others; who even though are not central to the story, they do add a fun touch and color to the movie.
I give this one a 3.5 out of 4 only because I thought the story could be simplified a bit, but we still loved it and would see it again! :)