Saturday, February 28, 2009

Play date with Melissa and Pechy

We had a wonderful day today at the park with my good friend Pechy and her daughter Melissa. The weather was absolutely perfect and there were lots of kids at the park. The girls had a great time on the slides and running around with other kids. Both girls looked absolutely gorgeous and were super girly. We love hanging out with Pechy and Melissa and we hope to be able to doing it again very soon!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My new flash!

So, I finally went ahead and bought a new flash for my camera! Ever since I got the Nikon D80 around Thanksgiving time, I've never been satisfied with the indoor photos. For some reason I feel that the built-in flash just isn't enough light for my photos. So today I ordered the SB-600 Speedlight flash from and I'm already in love with it... even though it's not here yet! haha! It's expected to be delivered by Wednesday... I can't wait!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A wonderful family weekend..

This weekend was so wonderful because we got to spend so much quality time together as family. Olivia was such a good girl this weekend and was able to enjoy all the activities that we planned for her. Iggy and I were happy to hang out and do many fun things...On Saturday, Olivia had a blast at her cousin's birthday party. She loved playing at The Little Gym and enjoyed hanging out with all the kids that were invited. After the party, we went to have lunch with my parents, aunt and uncle at the Pembroke Gardens shops and then we came home and had a nice quite time.

Sunday was also great. We went to church together and then we went to have lunch at a great Peruvian restaurant, where they sell the most wonderful Ceviche that I have ever had! yummy!! We then had frozen yogurt at Tossed... that was yummy too!

Later today, we took Olivia to St. Max's carnival, where she went on several rides and we all went on the Ferris wheel; Olivia was fascinated by the height and being able to see the whole town from up top.... it was such a great weekend and we all had so much fun!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Erika's Birthday Party

Erika's birthday party was held today at The Little Gym in Pembroke Pines. What a great party she had! My sister did a great job in organizing a "Dora the Explorer" themed party with lots of kids and great food and games.
The birthday girl had tons of fun with all her friends and all the kids were able to participate in interactive activities led by the party pros from The Little Gym.
After all the fun and games, it was pizza time! The kids sat in the party room and had cake and a yummy dulce de leche cake.
Erika got tons of gifts and had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday little girl!
Here are some pictures of the wonderful party!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Erika's 2nd birthday!

Today we celebrated Erika's 2nd birthday...I can't believe my Cookie is already 2! She is the most gorgeous and sweet niece that anyone can ask for...It was a special day for the birthday girl. She spend half the day with her babysitter and then we took her and Olivia to Busy Bee Kidz in Cooper City so that they could play for a while...They had so much fun with all the toys and we took lots of pictures.

At night we all went to Pizza Hut to have some yummy pizza and sing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday princess...Her birthday party will be held on Saturday at The Little Gym. I can't wait to see all the kids having fun at the party!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My doppler is here!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to buy a Fetal Heart Doppler since I wanted to be able to hear my baby's heartbeat as often as possible. I ordered from eBay and it was delivered to me today..
I used it for the first time this afternoon and it was awesome... Listening to the baby's heartbeat is such a wonderful thing.. Her heart rate was about 140 bpm and I could hear her move..
It is so easy to find and it has the perfect size.. I'm so happy with my doppler.. what a great buy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Olivia is 19 months!!

Wow, time sure keeps flying! I can't believe our baby girl is already 19 months...she's closer to 2 years old than she is to 1! this is amazing!! I have to say, of course, that she is so smart and such a good and fun little person to be around! She already says more than 50 words, she understands basic commands and can say two word phrases and of course she loves to sing and dance... She also loves to wear sunglasses and hats...
Also, she has been so loving lately.. I think she knows that I'm pregnant and is getting excited about it.. or maybe it's just me getting excited for her being a big sister!
Here's a few recent pictures of our little girl.. we just love her to pieces!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A lovely Valentine's Day

What a lovely Valentine's Day, so special and so full of love and joy. We spent a great day as a family and a loving couple. During the day we went to a birthday party, where Olivia had so much fun with other kids (see my previous post)... We then came home and rested a bit because Olivia was so exhausted from the party....

This is our first Valentine's Day picture... we were so happy that it felt on a Saturday so that we could be together all day long...

This is a picture of me and the gorgeous flowers that Iggy got me... of course I was dressed in pink to honor the occasion and also because it's my favorite color!!
We ended the night with a fabulous dinner at Sorella, an italian restaurant where my sister works. I had a yummy Chicken Marsala and Iggy had some great pasta with meat sauce... All in all it was a wonderful day; one to celebrate our love and the wonders of being married to each other! Happy Valentine's Day, my love! :)

Victor Hugo's 4th Birthday

Today was an extra fun day, especially for Olivia since she got to attend her friend Victor Hugo's 4th birthday party, celebrated at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines. The party theme was Madagascar 2 and it was just amazing. Our friends Marjorie and Alex really did a great job with the party; they took care of every little detail, from the cake to the decorations, to the animation and food... what a great party....

This is a picture of the cake, which was simply beautiful.. it was designed my Marjorie and made by a good friend of hers... we didn't get to taste it but I'm sure it was delicious...
Here's the birthday boy having fun during his party. His parents hired an entertainer and the kids just had too much fun dancing and playing around...

Olivia got to wear an explorer hat and enjoyed her time with the other kids at the party... she was very involved in all the games and activities, which really amazed us since she was one of the youngest kids out there... What a great time we had!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Flowers...

So, it's no secret that Iggy and I are crazy for each other and I just love that he is the vulnerable type who isn't afraid to show his feelings... that is what makes him so special...I just love him...

He decided to surprise me for Valentine's Day and ordered some awesome flowers for me, along with the flowers, there was a box of chocolates and a love note... The flowers got here today and the thought just blew me away... Flowers can definitely make my day.. any time! I love you babe!!! What a great way to start our Valentine's weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gokhan's 36th Birthday

Tonight was a very fun night.. definitely out of the ordinary since I got to go out with friends on a week night, which is very rare in the mommy days... The reason for the exception was my best friend's boyfriend 36th birthday... We went to Taverna Opa in Hollywood and it was very fun..
The food was great and the music was amazing... Unfortunately Iggy couldn't make it because he was working on a special project, but I got to spend some time with great friends...
The birthday boy was dancing on the tables with the belly dancers and of course Martyna joined in the fun... it was great to see everyone enjoying the night... What a great birthday for Gokhan!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Horrible doctor's appointment.

Today I went in for my 16wk appointment, which was scheduled with a new dr. that just joined my OB office... What a horrible appointment it was!
First off.. I had to wait about an hour to see this dr. Then she came in and did a Pap Smear, which hurt like hell (this never hurts for me)... She then started trying to find the heart beat with the doppler and she couldn't.. (the baby kept moving, so she couldn't get the heart rate).. She started looking at me like something was terribly wrong and said to me "Let's go to the U/S room right away"... At this point, I already didn't like her.. she just had this mean look that I couldn't take...So... off to the U/S room we go.. and she says to me "This machine is a little old so the image will not be as clear!".. I say.."Ok!"... She finds the baby and tells me...."This baby moves A LOT"..., which I already know since it's INSIDE ME.. and I feel it every day... She keeps saying.. that because the baby is moving so much, she couldn't get the accurate heart rate...(I could care less since I can see the screen and KNOW that the baby is alive and well)... She kept looking at the u/s monitor like she was seeing the most terrible thing in this world so I proceed to ask her..."Is there anything wrong?'.. and she says, "no"...She then says that my routine u/s needs to be scheduled between 18-20wks (which is the regular time frame in which they do U/S) and she told me "Make sure you come in with your husband or someone to keep you company".. I got mad and I said to her "Why would I have to bring someone in?" "What if I like being alone?"... She said, "well I just think it's better if someone comes along"... what a BI**H!!!
She kept her fatal look throughout the whole appointment and I was so mad.. so I said to her "Listen.. if there's anything wrong, you need to tell me NOW!" and I told her I didn't like the face she was making and that she was very scary.... She then started laughing and said.."Everything is perfect.. there's nothing to worry about"... "I'll see you next month!"....I told her..."Thank God I'm not the paranoid type because anyone would be freaking out right now"... and she just kept laughing..I scheduled my next appointment in 4 wks and my u/s in 3 wks and things were normal then...One thing I know for sure.. I won't be seeing her anymore...and I'm going to complain to the other dr. on my next appointment...Oh well..that's the story... sorry it was so long!