Sunday, October 2, 2022

Oliver is 7!

 My little buddy turned 7 last week and I couldn't let his birthday pass without a nod on my blog. Even though I no longer write as often as I'd like, Oliver turning another year is definitely worth a post. 

Oliver is, without a doubt, an amazing son and a precious gift from God. Ever since he came into our lives, we have had nothing but wonderful things to say about him.  He is such a gentle soul, so loving and affectionate, always giving so much of himself to make others happy.  At the ripe age of 7, Oliver understands the power of a hug or a kind word and he is always looking for ways to make our day. 

He loves Math and even though he's just in first grade, he already does multiplication and even some division; he will be a math wiz in due time and I could not be prouder.  He is also a great reader although he insists reading is not his forte.  He enjoys drawing, watching TV, cracking jokes, playing baseball, and spending time with his friends. 

Oliver is going through a hard-core Hot Wheels stage and probably has more cars and tracks than we can count. He spends hours on end arranging his car collection, doing car races, and towing his cars around, such a boy! He also loves Ryan's World toys and spends a lot of time trying to convince me that all those toys are SO educational...ha!

For his birthday this year, Oliver requested an "all boy" birthday party, so we invited all of his guy friends to play bowling and had a celebration there; they all had such a blast.  After his bowling party, we invited our close family to cut a second cake at home; Oliver was thrilled to have everyone together to celebrate him; he really does love to be surrounded by loved ones and that's what makes him such a family boy; I love that about him!

To top off his celebration, I brought cupcakes to school the day after his birthday and all of first grade sang "Happy Birthday" to him at lunchtime, it was so cute. He's so lucky to be loved by so many people and we are absolutely blessed to have a son like him.  

I pray that Oliver is always as happy as he is now, that God gives him a long and healthy life and that we get to enjoy watching him grow up and share his joy with the world. 

Happy Birthday, buddy! We loved you endlessly!