Sunday, April 10, 2011

My first mile!!!

After reading about "Moms Run This Town", I got inspired by Pam and her friends and decided to go out for a run and just get on with it!
All I have to say is "wow, I'm so out of shape" took me almost 20 minutes to run (ok, sort of walk) ONE MILE and by the time I finished I felt like I was going to die.. but I DID IT!!
I've inspired myself to get on this bandwagon and enjoy the exercise... I know it will be such an awesome experience... and it will also be great for my body and self-esteem.
I will be leading a local chapter of running/jogging/walking moms (more information on that to come).. and I will continue to blog about my running experiences!
So.. it was great running and sweating for a bit.. oh.. and did I mention and completely OUT OF SHAPE??? ha ha ha!
...oh and I need to get me some running shoes... good ones!
Happy running!

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Pam Burrus said...

OMG YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! Seriously - do the Couch 2 5k program!!!! It will feel like you can do more but if you follow it you will be running a 5k in no time!!!
I'm so proud of you!!!!

Side note - I was waiting for Chris's schedule for this week - I'll message you tomorrow. What day do you prefer to go??