Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disney at Christmas time..

Yeah, yeah, yeah...we LOVE Disney... but who doesn't, right???  It is literally THE happiest place on earth.. everything about it is awesome and the girls just love it so much.....
We're lucky to be annual pass holders AND to live only 3 hours away from this wonderful place.. so we go as much as we possibly can...
This weekend we visited Epcot Center and Magic Kingdom.. and let's just say I love Disney more and more every time we is such a magical place!
This time, both parks were magically decorated with Christmas stuff and everything was just perfect... Christmas trees, wreaths, lights, etc.. you name it.. they have it... On top of that, the weather was amazing and the crowds were decent...we enjoyed the rides, the parades, fireworks, etc..
We had a blast!!!! I just love Christmas.. Mickey style!

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