Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm sure most mothers often find themselves consumed with their children's needs, milestones, desires, goals, etc.. and of course I'm not the exception... I love my kids to death and I'm always so concerned about how they're are doing and how they're adjusting to their life stages...
So....we've come to this stage of "awkwardness" in Olivia's life, where I'm having a hard time understanding what she's going through...
Let's start by saying that she's growing up way too fast.. not only in size (she's 52 lbs and 46 in), way taller than most kids in her class and certainly very robust.. but she's also maturing at light's speed!.. Just today she told me she "had been thinking" and she determined that all Disney characters were FAKE!! What?? My heart dropped.. I'm so not ready for her to lose that innocence.. I love that she loves princesses and everything Disney... and I'm not ready for her face to stop lighting up when she sees a parade or a cartoon movie!  *insert sad face*
She is at the point, where none of the kid's clothes fits her, but she's still not big enough for BIG kid's clothes.. She wants to pick her own stuff and dress herself and I'm not ready to let her do that all the time...She doesn't like pink anymore, refuses shirts with cartoons and is very picky with fashion!
She's starting to question so many things, including my opinions and requests.. I'm hearing "but why, mommy?" way too often these days.. isn't she "too little" for that??...
She has also started to choose her friends and doesn't willingly go on all play dates that I set up.. I've heard "that's boring, mommy" or "I don't feel like going today".. isn't that supposed to happen MUCH later??
I have also noticed she has really started showing strong feelings towards things, people, places and even foods.. It's hard to see this *little lady* say, "she's not very nice!" or "I don't feel like eating that today" and actually have her reasons... *insert another sad face*... I know that's part of growing up, but why must it happen so fast??
On top of that, I feel like Olivia is too self conscious already.. she already criticizes herself in pictures and even requests that some pictures not be posted or shared... The other day she told me "let me see my pictures before you show anybody"...and then she said "I look terrible in that one!".. Why? why? why is this happening so soon?? She's not even 6 yet!
Are all kids her age this precocious?  Why is this "awkwardness" starting so fast? How can I freeze time?
I need to know that I'm not the only mom feeling this way... please, please, please tell me your 5 year old is growing fast too!;


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

We are going through an odd stage with Hunter right now- he is extremely emotional! He gets so upset if he feels left out anything. He seems to cry a the drop of a hat, and will sit in a corner and sulk. I have no clue what to do!

I have none of those clothing or photo issues, but kid and stage is so different!

Caro Ghisays said...

Crecen demasiado rapido Adry es increible... sobretodo las nenas son demasiado maduras... Isabella acaba de cumplir 4, super petite, pero muy parecida con la personalidad de Olvia... Idependiente, le encanta estar super fashion, ella misma decide lo que se va a poner, cuando la quiero ayudar me dice: mamy I can do it by my self, I am a big girl!
Pregunta todo, pide explicaciones etc... Ella se cree mi mama, jaja
Nos quedamos sin bebes!!!