Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saying good bye....

 Saying good bye to loved ones is never easy...but saying good bye THREE TIMES in ONE WEEK is brutal.. oh gosh! Why is it so hard to see people go away?  Of course now a days there's all sort of technology available to keep in contact and stuff, but I just wish I could be with the people I love at all times and now that I could see them any time!
Anyways.. this week I said good bye to three wonderful friends who are going to far away places and it was sad... really sad!

On Tuesday I said good bye to my wonderful friend Maurice, who was my buddy from grad school and the one that pushed me to go on and finish my degree.  We supported each other throughout two very long years and had so many fun conversations along the way. 
He is relocating to Kansas and will be working there for at least two years! I wish you luck, buddy.. I know you'll do great but I will miss you for sure! ;)

On Thursday I said good bye to my friend Marianna, the one friend that I've had for over 25 years. 
She lives in Europe so she's always far away, but she visits quite often and it's always so hard to say good bye.. She is moving to Ireland for her husband's job and I hope to visit her next year. 
Mari, I love you so much and I wish you all the luck in your new adventure.  I hope we can see each other again very soon! Good luck!
...and please take lots of pictures!

On Thursday I also said good bye to my friend Claudia, who is moving to Bogota, Colombia for her husband's job! Claudia and I met at the kids' gymnastics after her daughter and mine started taking the same class.  She is the sweetest person I know; very self motivated and a great mother. 
I will miss Claudia and our long conversations on Friday afternoons, but I am sure she will do great in this new country. 
I need to plan a trip to Colombia soon! ;)

I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends and I feel so blessed to be part of their lives and have them be part of mine. I will miss my friends so much and I look forward to the day when we can all meet again!
Good luck, my friends! 
I love you all!

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