Saturday, October 26, 2013

My blog is 5 years old!!

5 years ago today this blog was born!  It started as a way for me to share our family anecdotes with friends and family and it quickly turned into a platform to express opinions and ideas and to share some parenting advice with fellow mothers (and fathers!)

Anyone who blogs is aware of how hard it is too keep a blog and how committed someone has to be in order to find the time to invest in such personal project; so it is a HUGE deal for me to reach this milestone!

So many things have happened in the past 5 years, so many smiles, happy tears, kids starting school, growing out of diapers and beds and learning how life really works... I am so lucky to be able to share all these things on my blog, and even luckier to find people who can relate to my family and I.

If you are a follower, I thank you so much for taking the time to read some of my stories.  If you're a sporadic visitor, I thank you too.... If you're a new follower, I hope you stick around and share this blog with your friends!

And remember, this "Happy Mom" is always around, ready to blog about the next interesting thing!

Happy blogging! :)

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