Sunday, December 21, 2014

Movie Review: "Annie"

Without a doubt, "Annie" is one of the all time favorite musicals; it has become a classic and that little red hair girl has sure captivated many hearts throughout the years.
Although the classic image of Annie is different in this modern version, it is definitely worth a visit to the theater.
In this variation of the "Annie" story, the little foster girls lives with her friends and her mean foster mom who makes her life a living hell.  Still, Annie always keeps a smile on her face while holding on to the hope of finding her real parents who dropped her off at a restaurant when she was a baby.
In the middle of an ordinary day, she meets Mr. Stacks (owner of a prominent cell phone company and currently running for mayor in NYC) when he saves her from being ran over by a van.  He happens to be a very "unfriendly" millionaire who brings Annie to his home in hopes of getting some good photo ops to boost his failing political campaign, but Annie turns his life around and he ends up adopting her and quitting his dream of being a mayor.
Of course that is *very* condensed version of the story, but the important part about it is that the movie is entertaining and the music is very engaging.  The actors do a great job portraying their version of the classic "Annie" characters, however, I thought Cameron Diaz's role was a bit exaggerated and her voice is plain awful.  The fact that the story takes place in NYC is pretty awesome too; the shots and views of the city are amazing and Stack's apartment is to die for; I almost wanted him to adopt ME so I could live for a day in that amazing and dreamy apartment. LOL!
Of course, the soundtrack is great but I do feel like the actors' voices are lacking a bit and the choreographies weren't all that. Also, the movie seemed to be too slow at times and the adaptation of a musical to the movie screen wasn't as successful as others have been.  I do think the modern twist was nice and definitely made the story more relatable.
Still, it's a "feel good" kind of movie, appropriate for families and worth the watch.  It gets 3 out of 4 stars from me...

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