Wednesday, January 28, 2015

100 Days of School

The girls celebrated "100 Days of School" today and it was such fun for them. 
They spent the day having fun with their classmates doing all sorts of crafts and activities. 
Gaby had to decorate a t-shirt and she did a gum ball machine, which looked so adorable. 
Olivia had to decorate a cap with a religious motive, and she came up with the idea of writing Bible passages on it, which I thought was so cute. 

Every time these milestones happen, it always hits me... MY KIDS ARE GROWING UP! Wow.. Time flies and I can't seem to make it stop.  As much as I try to capture every moment and freeze it in time, so many things happen so fast that I'm sure I'm failing at keeping all the memories alive. 
I love to see how my kids are thriving in school and in every aspect of their lives... even when the days seem to go wrong and when I feel I am doing a horrible job as a mother, my kids always remind me that there isn't a right or wrong, as long as things are done with love. 

Kids don't get hung up on our mistakes and they certainly don't need to know what feeling like a "failure" is like, but God knows there are days that are harder than others and us in our human capacity cannot possibly control it all as much as we try. I've had a lot of "those days" lately, but somehow my girls always love me through everything..even the not so good days!

I am thankful that my kids remind me of how precious life is and how grateful they are to be living it with me in it!

Happy 100 Days, kids! ;)

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