Monday, April 13, 2015

Product Review: "My Spiral Slicer" (giveaway included!)

A few weeks ago I was approached by the creator of a wonderful kitchen gadget, which I have successfully used (and I now love!) quite a few times.  She introduced me to her product, called "My Spiral Slicer" and I will admit I have fallen in love with this little kitchen item!
Healthy eating began as a "trend" and it has now become the lifestyle of many; the RIGHT lifestyle if I say so myself.  Sometimes it's difficult to come up with creative and fun ways to eat healthy and even more difficult to "spice up" our vegetable eating habits.  I believe "My Spiral Slicer" is one of the most amazing ways to slice fresh vegetables and it makes for the cutest salads. 
The gadget is incredibly easy to use and it is also very safe; it has a very comfortable grip and it is very compact for easy storage.  My 8 year old even used it and had a great time slicing zucchini and cucumbers but the best part was to see her eating all the stuff she had sliced up with such joy.
"My Spiral Slicer" is also very reasonably priced so everyone can be part of this amazing new way of eating vegetables.  It can be purchased through Amazon and very soon through Shopify; I invite everyone to try and spread the word about this amazing gadget. 

You can follow this link for amazing recipes and slicing ideas.  I am sure you will love this recipe book and will get hooked on spiral slicing your vegetables before you know it!

I will also give ONE slice to a lucky reader; the item will be mailed to the winner within 5 business days!  Just comment below to enter the giveaway!
Happy blogging! :)


Iron Prudence said...

Trying one more time! I want one!

Unknown said...

I have been wanting to buy one , but wasn't sure if it really worked. You know how that is sometimes!. We changed the way we eat at home about 2 years ago, and yes we do have pizza once in a while, we do not go overboard, because I do not want my kids to hate eating healthy. Thanks for the review!!!

Melissa said...

I totally want one of those!!