Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Happy 10th birthday, blog!

October 26th marked 10 years since I started this blog, 10 years since the moment I decided to plaster my thoughts all over the internet for anyone to read.  Back then I had just become an American citizen and one of my first posts was about me voting for the first time in my life.  Ironically enough, my first time vote happened during a presidential election in a country that wasn't where I was born...funny how life works!
Anyways.. I remember doubting myself about starting this blog, wondering what was so interesting about my life that would prompt anyone to read whatever I was writing; because while the purpose of this blog was (and still is!) to document my kids' childhood and our family life, the truth is that once you put something online, it's out there for anyone to see...
With time I realized that my life isn't all that interesting but rather just similar to the lives of my readers...and that's precisely what makes it interesting... finding people who can relate to my posts and my personal anecdotes has given a whole new meaning to this blog and every comment and private message I receive is greatly appreciated.  In 10 years, this blog has seen a major name change and tons of different directions in regards to my writing and posts...
With the years, the frequency of my posts has decreased but the emotion I put into every piece I write has done just the opposite.  Once someone told me that bloggers are "egotistical", this same person went on to say that whoever keeps a blog has nothing better to do than to presume about his/her life and while I admittedly took minor offense to that comment at the time it was made, I have now come to the conclusion that negativity comes in many shapes and if being a blogger makes me self-centered, so be it! I certainly hope, however, that anyone who reads my blog knows that being presumptuous is the last thing on my mind whenever I post something.  My intention has been and always will be to pour my heart out in hopes of making this journey called life more enjoyable and empathetic.  So today I celebrate this blog, all of its followers and the blessing of persistency that has allowed me to keep it up for 10 whole years!
Thank you to everyone who has ever stopped by this corner and anyone who has left comments or sent messages throughout these 10 years!
Happy Birthday, blog! 

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