Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome to my new blog...

After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to start a blog as a way to share my thoughts and inspiration. I often feel an immense desire to write and express myself with words and find it very interesting to try to put down all of my feelings and emotions, so I have started this page in an effort to compile some of my writing and personal experiences.

I have always admired the beauty of writing and I am often amazed by the power of words and stories, so I think this blog is going to be a fun experience for me as a writer, as well as for anyone who visits this page.

This is also going to be a page where I can write about my life, as a world of my own. I will share stories about the things we do as a family and how we celebrate special events among many other things, which are intended to help everyone see the beauty of life and the power of love.

I hope you will enjoy every story that I post on here....

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