Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas tree is up and ready!!

Today we decorated our Christmas tree. It is blue and silver like every past year, although we were debating whether or not to add another color, we decided to leave it as is.

First we took out all our ornaments and put up the lights, which is the most boring... Iggy helped me untangle the lights and set them up around the tree. Then, while Olivia was sleeping, we finished hanging all the other ornaments and setting up the house decorations. When Olivia saw the tree, the first thing she did was to try and take off the ornaments, she even pulled one out until we said "no!". The tree turned out so beautiful.... I'm so happy it's finally up and ready! I just love Christmas!!!

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Susan said...

How pretty. Silver and blue always look great on Christmas trees. This is my objective this week...decorate!