Thursday, November 6, 2008

Iggy receives his "Permanent Resident Card"

Today is a very happy and special day, a day we have been waiting for and has finally arrived.

At around 3pm I went to check the mail as usual and found a great surprise; Iggy's "Permanent Resident Card" had finally arrived. After several years and very tedious legal processes, Iggy's permanent status in the US has been approved....that means no more visas, no more immigration lawyers, no more fees... Wow..what a relief!

It makes me happy to know that this journey has come to an end. My hubby is finally a Permanent Resident!!!!

Now he begins an even more exciting journey: the journey to citizenship. In about 2 years, he will be able to apply for American citizenship and hopefully will be able to vote in our next election. Congrats Iggy on getting your "Green Card"....

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