Saturday, February 14, 2009

A lovely Valentine's Day

What a lovely Valentine's Day, so special and so full of love and joy. We spent a great day as a family and a loving couple. During the day we went to a birthday party, where Olivia had so much fun with other kids (see my previous post)... We then came home and rested a bit because Olivia was so exhausted from the party....

This is our first Valentine's Day picture... we were so happy that it felt on a Saturday so that we could be together all day long...

This is a picture of me and the gorgeous flowers that Iggy got me... of course I was dressed in pink to honor the occasion and also because it's my favorite color!!
We ended the night with a fabulous dinner at Sorella, an italian restaurant where my sister works. I had a yummy Chicken Marsala and Iggy had some great pasta with meat sauce... All in all it was a wonderful day; one to celebrate our love and the wonders of being married to each other! Happy Valentine's Day, my love! :)

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Celeste said...

Que bonito dia! I am glad you and your husband have such a loving relationship!