Monday, February 2, 2009

Horrible doctor's appointment.

Today I went in for my 16wk appointment, which was scheduled with a new dr. that just joined my OB office... What a horrible appointment it was!
First off.. I had to wait about an hour to see this dr. Then she came in and did a Pap Smear, which hurt like hell (this never hurts for me)... She then started trying to find the heart beat with the doppler and she couldn't.. (the baby kept moving, so she couldn't get the heart rate).. She started looking at me like something was terribly wrong and said to me "Let's go to the U/S room right away"... At this point, I already didn't like her.. she just had this mean look that I couldn't take...So... off to the U/S room we go.. and she says to me "This machine is a little old so the image will not be as clear!".. I say.."Ok!"... She finds the baby and tells me...."This baby moves A LOT"..., which I already know since it's INSIDE ME.. and I feel it every day... She keeps saying.. that because the baby is moving so much, she couldn't get the accurate heart rate...(I could care less since I can see the screen and KNOW that the baby is alive and well)... She kept looking at the u/s monitor like she was seeing the most terrible thing in this world so I proceed to ask her..."Is there anything wrong?'.. and she says, "no"...She then says that my routine u/s needs to be scheduled between 18-20wks (which is the regular time frame in which they do U/S) and she told me "Make sure you come in with your husband or someone to keep you company".. I got mad and I said to her "Why would I have to bring someone in?" "What if I like being alone?"... She said, "well I just think it's better if someone comes along"... what a BI**H!!!
She kept her fatal look throughout the whole appointment and I was so mad.. so I said to her "Listen.. if there's anything wrong, you need to tell me NOW!" and I told her I didn't like the face she was making and that she was very scary.... She then started laughing and said.."Everything is perfect.. there's nothing to worry about"... "I'll see you next month!"....I told her..."Thank God I'm not the paranoid type because anyone would be freaking out right now"... and she just kept laughing..I scheduled my next appointment in 4 wks and my u/s in 3 wks and things were normal then...One thing I know for sure.. I won't be seeing her anymore...and I'm going to complain to the other dr. on my next appointment...Oh well..that's the story... sorry it was so long!

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Celeste said...

What! I would have bitched too!! Having a mean face look is not good for a mother to look at! I bet this lady does not have a lot of experience or is the type that makes faces and does not notice! (this in not good in her profession!) I am only imagine you in your no nonsence voice telling her to tell you if anything is wrong!