Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gabriel and Maria's Civil Wedding Ceremony

So... after 7 long years of having a girlfriend, my brother in law is legally a married man. Him and his girlfriend have tied the knot after dating for the past 7 years. He proposed to her over a year ago and they were legally married today in a very emotional civil ceremony. The celebration was beautiful and everyone was very excited to see them get married after such a long courtship. They are very much in love and I wish them a happy life together.
The whole party was amazing; there were beautiful flower arrangements all over the place, yummy food, lovely music and a great crowd. They will be married in the Catholic church this coming Friday and we are all very excited about that celebration too.
Here's a picture of "the kiss" they shared after they were pronounced husband and wife by the notary public..

In this picture, the were signing the court papers that would officially make them a married couple... they were both so happy.

Here's a picture of us with the happy couple....

This is one of the pictures I took during the actual ceremony, where they both look very excited to be starting a life together....

And here are some pictures of the party, including the tables, flower arrangements and cake...everything turned out great....

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