Friday, March 13, 2009

Trip to Venezuela: our plane ride

We woke up very early this morning to catch a plane to Venezuela... our trip has officially begun. The plane was scheduled to leave at 7:30am so my dad took us to the airport at 5:00am. We were lucky enough to check in fairly quickly and the flight was great. The plane was half empty so we were able to sleep comfortably and take up some extra seats. Olivia also slept the whole time, which made the trip even easier and more pleasant.
We arrived in Caracas around 10:00am and Danay and Eduardo picked us up at the airport. We then drove straight to Valencia and arrived here at around 1:00pm... it was a good ride.
Tomorrow we will go to my brother in law's civil wedding ceremony and we'll spend the whole week in Valencia. The church wedding will be on the 20th and I'm sure we'll have a blast.. I'll keep posting about our trip as time goes by...

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