Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Olivia is 32 months!

It almost sounds crazy that I'm still counting months in Olivia's age, but for those of you that have kids her age, I'm sure you'd understand that to me, she's still a baby! 32 months ago she wasn't even here and now I'm counting down to her 3rd birthday! it's crazy! and I feel torn every time I think about my little lady becoming her own self in a matter of 3 short years...
Olivia is the typical fashionista.. she loves clothes and as crazy as it sounds, she has a great style.. She enjoys going shopping with me and picks out the cutest clothes for her to wear.. She loves skirts, pointy shoes and hair accessories... She also loves bracelets and rings... how cute is that??
Within the past month, Olivia has developed a great sense of responsibility for her sister; she sure is filling the shoes of a great big sister... it's amazing to see how protective she is of Gabriela and her ability to express feelings and emotions is ever growing... I love her so much!
It's also incredible to see how Olivia elaborates complex thought patterns and verbalizes everything so perfectly.. she is so eloquent in everything she says... some people even point out that her cognitive ability is far advanced... I happen to agree since I spend so much time with her and even I get amazed at her thinking... so smart!
I thank God for giving me this wonderful daughter and I pray that she continues to grow healthy and happy!
Happy 32 months Olivia!

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