Sunday, March 14, 2010


Tonight Iggy and I went on a date and it was great... We went to see "Wicked"..and wow! what a wonderful musical... It is part of a series called "Broadway Across America", where a lot of famous Broadway musicals travel the country...
This play is a "prequel" to the movie "The Wizard of Oz"; it revolves around the story of the "Wicked witch of the West", who will later play an important role in the aforementioned movie...the musical also gives light to the origin of many of the main characters in the movie and it defines the main plot of such...
The whole play was so well made and the music was amazing.. Special effects were also incredible and the cast was very was great!
All in all, an amazing date!

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B MoM said...

DH and I saw this when we were in NYC when I was just 9 weeks preggo. It was an awesome play!! OUr first ever seen on Broadway!