Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day @ Olivia's School

Yesterday was a special day at Olivia's school since the kids had a special surprise for all mommies in anticipation to Mother's Day...
The celebration started with a Belly Dance class for the mothers, in which they all got to dance in a circle and have fun with the music... I wasn't in the mood for dancing, so I just stood there and watched others enjoy the lesson....
After the "fun" class, the kids had a special surprise, where they hid in the classroom and came out screaming "SURPRISE!"... then they walked up to their respective mothers and gave us a handmade gift.. it was cute....I got the sweetest hug ever!
They ended the surprise by singing a special song titled "I love you so much"... it was cute... and although Olivia was crying during the much anticipated performance (don't ask me why, I don't think she even knows), I got teary eyed and very emotional! Ahhh! I love being a mommy, especially on days like yesterday!!!

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Adriane said...

That's so sweet that they did that for the mothers! :)