Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Gaby!!!

My little baby is now a toddler and of course I'm so emotional today...I always feel so torn about my babies growing up!.. I figure every mother feels like that!
Gaby has grown into such a beautiful little girl, who amazes me and makes me incredibly proud every day!
She is now 19 lbs and 28.5 in long, she's still on the tiny side but the doctor said she was super healthy and very smart...
She loves music and is quite the little's so cute to see her shaking her booty every time any song starts...just like her sister!
She loves to play with her toy cell phone and pretend she's having a conversation...she's also quite creative and very "talkative"...she makes us laugh so much!
Gaby is in love with her big sister and they play together all the time....She can now defend herself when Olivia tries to bully her.. it's really funny!
She is still doesn't walk (but you already knew that) and isn't really interested in anything other than crawling! Oh well.. her time will come!
Happy 1st Birthday Gaby!! We love you so much!

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