Monday, August 2, 2010

3 years old... the magic number?

So, ever since Olivia turned 3 I've noticed that her age is some kind of magic number! Am I alone in thinking this?
All of a sudden I've noticed that all cool toys say "Ages 3+", happy meal toys are for kids "3 and older", most restaurants start charging for kid's meals at 3 years old, clothes size changes at 3 years old and most importantly she starts paying for an entrance to Disney World at 3 years old as well...
I went to an indoor playground the other day and the price for 3+ kids was almost double that of a kid younger than 3...isn't that insane?
So, when did my baby grow so much?? Why did this happen so fast? Is 3 years old really a magic age?
Has anyone else noticed this?


Hurdles of Life said...

I hadn't noticed, but I am pretty sure you're right. It's like they become mini-adults at 3. Companies decided "oh they can walk and talk, and some can even go potty on their own.. we'll start charging"

Los Diaz-Salvioli o Salvioli Diaz? said...

En serio? No me habia dado cuenta. Si sabia lo de Disney pero el resto no. Que tal???? Que detallista eres.

Definitivamente, 3 years old is the magic number!!! And I love my 3 year old!!! :-)Cuando nos vemos?