Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hispanic Heritage Month

October is "Hispanic Heritage Month", which is celebrated across the United States in most schools.  Of course being in Miami, this celebration is even more significant since there are so many Hispanics living in this area... For us, it is very important that our kids understand where their parents come from and that they learn the basics of their heritage to hopefully carry over to their kids and so on..
This past Friday, we attended a Hispanic celebration at the girls' school, which was filled with a showcase of several Hispanic countries including typical foods, costumes, music, etc.  Each classroom had a country assigned, which made it really fun....

Gaby's classroom had Venezuela, which is our country... it was fun to see her dancing to Venezuelan music and enjoying some of our typical foods.. very cute..

This is a picture of the girls with their friend Isabella, taking a stroll around the Mexican classroom...

 ..and this is Olivia in her classroom, which was in charge of representing Peru... she even made a special project and learned some history about the Peruvian flag... very interesting..

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I Just Love You said...

i think they will be very proud of their heritage as they grow older. :)