Sunday, October 16, 2011

Potty training....

"Potty Training" has become such a sore subject in our house... I feel like it's never going to happen for Gaby and I'm already feeling frustrated which is SO unlike me!
She is 2+ years old and isn't remotely interested in the potty.. at least at home she isn't... Her teacher at school tells me she goes at least once or twice during the day and she obviously knows the concept because she tells me as soon as she has a soiled or wet diaper..she just isn't having it!
So.. what's going on??? Uggh!! I really wish I knew.. All I know is that I feel like we're so behind in this department.. When Olivia was this age, she was DONE with diapers.. and while I totally know I should not compare my two children, I do believe that Gaby has all it takes to be potty trained already and she is just refusing for some odd reason....
I'm really starting to lose my patience and feel angry about it... I know in the big picture this doesn't matter.. I mean, I know she won't use diapers forever, but why can't she stop using them NOW?
If you have any suggestions on how to potty train a stubborn toddler, please send them my way... Should I go the pull-up route? Should I be more strict?  Should I force her??
I need some tips...;)


BrookesMommy said...

Ugh, I feel the same. When Brooke was about 19 months, she was almost completely potty trained at home. But at the time, she wouldn't talk to her teachers, so she was still in diapers at school. I didn't push it at home, and she completely stopped using the potty. She still likes to sit on there, but just to pee. I think I might start putting undies on her with a diaper over them so she can feel as soon as she goes but there won't be a mess on our (brand new) carpet to worry about - maybe that will give her a nudge. Good luck!!

Stories of a Happy Mom said...

Last night I put panties on top of the diaper and she woke up super excited about that..
She went pee-pee in the potty this morning and was so proud of herself..
Her teacher said to start putting panties on her on top of her diaper every day to get her a little motivated..
I really hope it works out.. I'm so sick of diapers!!