Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Movie review: "Madagascar 3"

Animated films never cease to amaze me... they can be so entertaining and fun and "Madagascar 3" did not disappoint!.. What an AWESOME wholesome and creative!
I've always been a fan of the Madagascar franchise but this one has been *by far* the best out of the 3..
It starts off with the animals trying to leave Africa (where the 2nd movie left off), but once they realize the penguins have abandoned them and don't plan to come back, they take off to Monte Carlo to look for their traitor friends..
Once in Monte Carlo, they come across Captain DuBois, who is in charge of animal control; she is the funniest evil character I've seen.. and brings so much color to the movie...
The animals then join a circus, meet some other circus animals and form lasting friendships... In between there's lots of music, jokes and funny parts that just make this movie such a feat for the whole family...
The movie also features great animated images of many European cities.. the animation is so perfect.. technology truly is amazing!
I strongly recommend this movie to people of all ages.. it is so worth it.. and even better in 3D.
I give it 5 out of 5 stars.. no doubt about it!

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