Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thumb Sucker NO MORE!!!!!

Ok, so I'll admit that after many failed attempts to get Olivia to stop sucking her thumb, I was a little hesitant to announce the end of the Thumb Sucking era...
You can say I had "lost faith" and I no longer believed it was possible for her to drop that nasty habit... but I think it's time to proudly report that is has been TWO MONTHS since Olivia has COMPLETELY stopped sucking her thumb. In this time, she has not even attempted to bring her thumb to her mouth... not even close! (yes, it took me that long to accept it was finally happening!)
Some of you might remember this post, where I expressed my disappointment about the "reminder appliance" failing to do its job. In that post, I also mentioned "Thumbusters", a glove-like thumb cover that is designed to help thumb suckers break the habit...well, this little glove thing worked WONDERS for this point I'm willing to write whatever testimonial I have to for this product... there are no words to describe how thankful I am for this little glove! wow!
Olivia stopped sucking her thumb almost immediately.. it was virtually a miracle!  She thought the glove was some sort of fashion statement at first (we bought a pink and a blue one) and loved wearing it everywhere... after a couple of days she forgot all about the thumb and within two weeks she didn't even wear the glove anymore.. the habit was broken! I'm still in disbelief and completely satisfied with the results...
Many people may ask why I was so fixated on Olivia's thumb sucking habit and my answer is that it was causing so many issues for her.... from medical, to emotional, to social issues... and I'm just really glad she finally stopped...
I would be lying if I said I'm not a little PROUD of this accomplishment.. I think this is a triumph for us (especially for Olivia) and I feel like my daughter is a much better child because of this..
Ever since Olivia stopped sucking her thumb, I feel like she is more mature, more confident and definitely less irritable... She has gotten better at expressing her concerns and verbalizing her feelings and has also found alternate ways to self soothe (reading, coloring, singing, etc)... and of course her teeth seem to have straightened instantly.. it's just wonderful!
Congrats, Olivia! You're a Thumb Sucker NO MORE!!! 

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