Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Master Graduation

Even though I finished my master's degree last July (and received my diploma shortly after), my actual graduation ceremony took place this past Sunday. 
Because the school only does graduations once a year, I had the pleasure (not!) of waiting 11 long months to "walk the stage"... I will admit that I considered not going to the ceremony at all, but it was Father's Day and my dad really loves this kind of I went!
It was exciting despite my low expectations....and even though the whole thing was long as hell (why are graduations so freaking long!?), I did find some pleasure in seeing my parents light up and enjoy taking pictures of me in my cap and gown... for the memories! ;)
Here are some pics...

...and of course this won't be my last graduation since I plan on going for my PhD (I already have 15 credits towards that...yay!) and one day (hopefully not too far away..) becoming Dr. Perez! ;)

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