Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer break: Week 3

Summer break has sure been fun for the girls (and for us too!)....
Luckily, the weather has been decent (and by that I mean no rain, because it's hot as hell!) and we have been able to do tons of fun outdoor stuff, which is always great...
The girls have gotten tons of exercise, including tennis and long walks among others...

The cats seem to be getting along a little better... the hissing has diminished and they're *almost* playing together (yay!)

On the 27th, we celebrated a year since we got our cat Abuelita... We've also made this date her "unofficial" 7th birthday, so it was a happy day for her! :)

On Friday the 28th, my lovely niece Isabella turned a year old....
It was a bittersweet day for us since we are so far away therefore we can't take part in any of her celebrations... It's hard to be ok with just seeing her through an iPad screen and not be able to hold her and see her milestones first hand! :(

We also went to see Monster University on Saturday (review to come)... the girls had such an amazing time and so did we!

They have really bonded during this summer time and it's really awesome to see how much they love each other!  What a great feeling! 

Here are pictures of a post-movie ice cream date with some buddies... these girls really know how to enjoy themselves! :)

...and last but not least, here's a picture of Isabella with her parents (brother in law and his wife) on her 1st birthday party... I got tons of pictures of the party and they've told me all about it.. it seems little Isabella had a blast at her party and got tons of cute presents and LOTS of attention!
Happy Birthday, sweetie! We love you so much!

Now, let's keep rolling with this summer break! 7 more weeks!
This coming week the girls will be attending a gymnastics camp and a tennis/golf camp.. I'm sure they'll love everything about those :)

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