Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer break: Week 10 aka "Mommy week" aka "LAST week of summer break"

Late entry: I apologize for such a late entry... last week was crazy busy and with all the back to school stuff I nearly went nuts! With that said, here's a little snapshot of our last week of summer break!

Week 10 was such a great way to finish off our summer!  I took a week off from work and just spent some wonderful quality time with my little ones... we named this last week "Mommy week" or "Mommy camp" as they prefer to call it...
The week was filled with such wonderful array of activities, including a trip to the movies, lunch with friends, shopping, dessert eating times and many more... here are some photos of our special last week...

We went out to lunch with my friend Jessica.. the girls really love her!

We spent some time at the park...they had a blast!

...we made a special trip to Misha's Cupcakes (best cupcakes in Miami!)... yum!

We spent a couple of days at the pool...the girls jumped, swam and played a ton of water games!

..some shopping trips were in order and they never get tired of this silly picture with the Old Navy mannequins! :)

On the last weekend, we visited Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor, where we all indulged ourselves in fatty food and gigantic ice creams! yum! (good thing this doesn't happen often, otherwise we'd big big as whales!) ;)

..and last but not least, we attended Leo's 6th birthday party at a new place called Rocket Kids on Sunday.. the place was pretty cool.. the girls got to play laser tag for the first time and they had a wonderful time kissing good bye to their summer break! We had a great time! 

I have to say that I'm incredibly thankful to God for this amazing summer break and all the wonderful opportunities that we had during this time. 
I'm glad we were able to provide our girls with the most fun they could possibly have and that we were able to spend so much time together....they certainly appreciate all the memories that were made during this time....
Now it's "Back to School"....cheers to another wonderful year filled with joy and success...
Happy Blogging! :)

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