Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Break: Week 9

Here we are.. at the end of summer break.. literally... well.. one more week left, but you get the point...
I don't know if I'm happy or sad about summer break ending, but it's definitely exciting to look forward to another school year and even more exciting to see my girls have so much fun!
Week 9 was fun for all of us...
There was some fun face painting, meet ups with friends, puzzle making, late dinners, birthday parties and much more!
Here are some pics...

We met up with my friend Roxy and her kids Jose M and Carlota (born just one day before Gaby)...They live in Venezuela and are here for the summer.. it was amazing to see them and hang out for a while.. the girls love their friends and I love mine! :)

Olivia spent some time making puzzles and playing at home... she has gotten really good at pretend play and independent activities...

This is the funniest picture taken this week.. Gaby fell asleep (food in hand and all) during one of our late dinners this week... How cute is this!?

We also went to Gaby's 4th birthday party.. Gaby is one of Gaby's best friends.. they're so close they even share a name! The party was in a water park and since the day was hot as hell, the girls loved swimming in the pool and playing with all their little friends.. it was awesome!

...and the following are just cute pictures we took this week and I felt like sharing.. 

And now with only one week left of this summer break, I'm so ready to spend some quality time with my girls.  I have a week off from work coming up and I plan to take advantage of it.  
This summer break has been one to remember, and I can only hope it ends as well as it started!
After this week, it's back to business! Can't wait! 
Happy Summer! 

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