Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving with a "Latin twist"

Being a "latina", it is fair to say that Thanksgiving doesn't come "natural" to me.  I have lived in the United States for 17 years and consider myself an "americanized" girl, however, when it comes to eating turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, my latin blood just can't take it... There's something about all those southern dishes and casseroles that my palette hasn't gotten used to and I'm ok with that since there are always tons of alternatives....
I was recently contacted by Pillsbury in regards to showcasing possible Thanksgiving recipes with a "latin twist".  It is no secret that Hispanics LOVE to eat... and we also love LOVE to cook, so these recipes always come in handy, especially during the holidays.  
Here are some interesting facts about Hispanics, gathered through a recent survey conducted by Pillsbury:
The survey uncovers what the nation is cooking up this Thanksgiving holiday and challenges many face when making and planning for their beloved holiday meal. From the Hispanics surveyed:

* 85% feel that preparing homemade foods shows their loved ones how much they care. 
*Almost nine-of-out-10 (88%) homes will be filled with the familiar scent of turkey roasting but some will choose to add their family’s cultural twist to their meals by offering pork or tamales as the main dish.
* More than half (66%) of the Hispanics surveyed think this is the most stressful meal to prepare
* Seven-out-of-10 are looking for tips and tricks to prep the meal quicker
* Fifteen percent of Hispanics are more likely to try and add new dishes to their Thanksgiving menu compared to the average American, and one-third of Latino families are willing to swap their traditional side dish with something new.
* The main dish will be accompanied by some kind of stuffing (69%), batatas (63%) and cranberries (54%).
* The survey show how more and more people are adding vegetables to the Thanksgiving table. A total of 72 percent of Latinos will have corn with their meal this year.
* For nearly eight-in-10 (79%), the meal is not complete without pie. Many Hispanic households have adopted the traditional pumpkin pie (64%). Others will infuse flavors from back home such as guava, lemon and mango, among others.

So, I have teamed up with Pillsbury to share two amazing recipes, that will give everyone the experience of Thanksgiving with a "Latin twist".  I know we all like to try new things, so why not start in the kitchen?
You can follow these links to the recipes.. and I promise you will not be disappointed:

Easy Poblano and Corn Casserole

New-Fashioned Pumpkin Pie

So.. happy blogging.. happy cooking and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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