Saturday, November 23, 2013

Trip to Bogotá, Colombia

Traveling is always so much fun...there's something about exploring new places that excites me so much... such experience is even better when I get to do with my love, which was the case for our latest trip to Bogotá, Colombia.
I will be honest and say that traveling in South America is not my forte, while I have explored many places around the world and several states within the US, my visits to the south have been limited. 
This was a great experience in a beautiful city; Colombia is such a captivating place with a culture so rich that every visitor can feel at home.  Its clean streets and beautiful scenery give that sense of modern tourism and wonderful adventures. 
The city has amazing restaurants, incredible monuments and a lovely weather.  We were able to visit several iconic spots such as "Catedral de Sal" in Zipaquirá, several museums, exquisite restaurants and even the Google office in Bogotá.. it was definitely a great trip!
Here are some pictures from our little rendezvous...

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