Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Live Your Dream" campaign

I was recently approached by a representative from Kabbage, a small business loans company that helps people achieve their goals and dreams every day, making for a better future, inviting me to participate in the "Live Your Dream" campaign.
Well.. believe it or not, I face a big challenge when it comes to talking about myself.  While I do like to share my ideas and write about parenting and such, I can never come up with specific things to say about ME!  I spent countless hours writing about my kids and their friends, our trips and adventures, parenting tips and a bunch of other stuff that fill this blog's archive, but when someone asks me "what are YOUR dreams?", I find myself often doing some serious soul searching and then I get nothing.  Now, I'm not saying I DON'T HAVE dreams, of course I do.. I want to travel the world, I want to help the poor, save stray animals and so on and I'm sure I could write A LOT about each one of those, however, I decided to give my readers a chance to participate in this wonderful campaign.
A few weeks ago, I posted an invitation on my Facebook page inviting people to submit essays about their dreams and the response was overwhelming and so gratifying... I really enjoye getting so many notes and emails about people's dreams and for a moment, I traveled in time seeing all those dreams coming true.. how wonderful!
So.. with those people's permission, I will now post some excerpts about dreams and plans from some of my readers:

"I am a single mom and I have a career that I am good at but that isn't enough. I want it all! I want to travel and see the world. I want my kids to have every experience and chatter at the dinner table about "the time we did/saw...". my goals and dreams are to teach my children the value of hard work and aspiration. My goal is to raise two men that value hard work and encourage each other to never give up. My goals aren't just for me but for them. My dreams are for my kids to see they aren't another stereotype from a broken home but that I have made the best of the situation and don't get discouraged. You can reach all of your goals if you are determined and work hard, whether it's thousands of dollars spent for a piece of paper or an iron man helmet, you reached your goal!"- Megan B.  (Virginia Beach, VA)

"Presently, my dream is living in a rustic cottage or airy apartment with simple furniture, near the ocean. A small laid back community without the traffic and madness of the big city, somewhere where I can breath the ocean air, feel the sand in my toes and develop my two hobbies into a small business that will bring a small income and lots of pleasure. I am exhausted physically and mentally and have come to think that reaching a simple goal  is more difficult in todays society than the materialistic dreams of: having a home, a fine car, jewels, money and status. Some how a simple life seems to go against the grain of today's world, it feels like struggling madly to get free from a sticky and giant cobweb!"- Clarissa B.  (Miami, FL)

"I want to create a Rescue for cats. I'd like to work with local shelters and be able to save kittens and older cats by finding them homes around the country.  I believe that as much as shelters want to help, they don't have the resources necessary to keep all cats healthy.  I would like to register my rescue and create a 501(c)3 and grow my project little by little...but I need A LOT of money for that!"- Julie F. (Hollywood, FL)

"I am the owner of a Montessori school in Florida.  I love to see all children learning and growing and strongly believe that Montessori is an amazing philosophy.  My dream is to grow my school by building additional classrooms and expanding the property.  Having this school has taught me so much and my dream is to be one of the best institutions out there"- Martyna B. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

"My dream is to develop a call center that provides support in the technology.  I currently work in the technology field and through my work I have learned about the many challenges people face when implementing new technology; I have realized that so many people miss out on technology because they don't know about it or because they can't find the support necessary to apply what they know or learn more.  My call center would be a great option for big or small companies looking to outsource this service through a smaller partner"- Ignacio P. (Pembroke Pines, FL)

"I would like to materialize one of my inventions.  A few years ago, I came up with a product idea that would simplify the way in which people dispose of their garbage.  Even though I can't talk about product specifics, I believe if I had an investor or money to fund my project, this could revolutionize the industry. So, in short, my dream is to be able to fund my invention and see how it does in the market"- Henny C. (Pembroke Pines, FL)

"My wife is a great artist and she has developed an amazing skill that consists of making drawings out of sand; she has created amazing masterpieces with simple materials and I am always in awe with her artistic abilities.  She is great with children so my dream is to rent or buy a small space where she can teach children to draw with sand.  I envision her having a little art school where kids can attend after school and learn about this wonderful art form that my wife is so good at"- Renato C. (Barcelona, Spain)

I received so many responses for this campaign and I was really overwhelmed with all the positivism from my readers.  Hearing about people's dreams somehow made this experience SO MUCH BETTER than if I had decided to write about my own.  This experience has taught me that there is so much more to people than what we see; that we all have so many different dreams and plans and we all have to work hard at it to achieve what's on our hearts and minds.
This campaign has also inspired me to think harder not only about what I want but about how to execute those plans and make them my reality!

Happy Blogging..and Happy dreaming!!  :)

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