Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bye Bye Kindergarten

This week marks the end of Kindergarten for our "baby"; she is officially a "grader" now and we couldn't be more excited about her accomplishments!
Gaby is such a special little girl with a strong personality and strange sense of humor.  She is so incredibly mature for her age and never ceases to surprise us with her negotiating abilities. 
Kindergarten was such a great experience for her; we started the year thinking that she would have to be held back at the end and maybe re-do the year; she could barely read and didn't seem to have what it took to match up to whatever academic requirements were set for kids her age. Her birthday also happens to be in the summer so she is among the youngest in her class, so for us it was always a "play it by ear" kind of thing.. so we did!
I am proud to say that Gaby is now a star reader who has exceeded all academic expectations for kindergarten; she loves school and she loves to learn.  We are so blessed to have had teachers who dedicated themselves fully and were able to teach her everything she needed to learn and then some! Thank you Mrs. H and Mrs. V.. you two were amazing!

Yesterday the school held a special "Kindergarten Prayer Service" to celebrate the end of such special year.  The kids sang songs and recited prayers and we had such an awesome time!
Here are some pictures:

Gaby's "graduation" pictures! :)

And now we enjoy the last two days of school and as we get ready for summer break I can only thank God for his abundant blessings and a wonderful school year! :)

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