Monday, June 8, 2015

End of school year and summer kick-off!

Another school year down for the books! I feel so proud of my girls for having finished Kindergarten and 2nd grade; they are such champs!
This school year was intense to say the least.. I lost count of many crazy projects Olivia had and how many activities we were part of this year and I know they are probably as exhausted as I am!
And now here are some pictures for funsies.. it has become a tradition for us to do First/Last day pictures and the girls really love it. The pictures really show how much they really change in the course of a school year; it's so crazy to see!
I think Gaby is the most changed this time around; she looks like a baby on her first day.. I can't believe she is a First Grader!!!

And to kick off our summer break, Olivia got braces on Saturday! The process was surprisingly smooth and very fast and she is very excited about her new look. 

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