Sunday, October 4, 2015

Back to blogging with an overwhelming amount of updates!

After a 2-month blogging hiatus, I am happy to be back to the "Blogosphere" with an overwhelming amount of updates that are certainly overdue. I have said many times before that the reason I keep a blog is for my kids to read when they are older, so I owe it to them to keep up with all these stories as I am sure they will enjoy reminiscing about their childhood as they grow up!
Truth is, my absence from blogging wasn't voluntary, but rather the result of two VERY MISERABLE months, where my pregnancy ailments were so unbearable I was on bedrest and unwilling to even open up a computer... it sucked... it really sucked!

The kids ended the summer with a bang at the tennis/golf camp, which they enjoyed tremendously just like every year. They even got medals and special mention awards at the end of camp party.. it was fun!

In mid-August, I had a great baby shower hosted by my mom and sister. My closest friends got together to celebrate the impending arrival of our baby. It was an amazing afternoon and I will always cherish the memories!

At the end of August, the kids started school again; they are now in 1st and 3rd grade and I, of course, can't believe how fast time flies and how little I can do about it.  It's such a joy to see my two little girls turn into little ladies and discover the world through their own eyes. They were certainly excited to go back to school and see their friends.  It was quite the busy week! Here they are on their first day of school! :)

Now on to the pregnancy misery summary.  The Monday after my baby shower, my sciatica pain got unbearable and I started having mild contractions and pelvic pain. Just when I thought the pain couldn't get any worse, it just kept worsening by the day...I went to the hospital and was sent to L&D triage, where I was treated so poorly all I wanted to do was cry; somehow after I was sent home, my pain got even worse and it all went downhill from there.  I went on bedrest and spent the last 4-5 weeks basically crying every night with horrible leg cramps. My husband had to cancel every single business trip that came his way and I could barely stand. I was starting to get so depressed of how dysfunctional I was; I couldn't even shower alone, or go to the bathroom; it felt like my family was falling apart because I couldn't even leave my room to be a mother and a wife.  
The very few times I managed to leave the house I had to use a wheelchair and rely on anyone who was able to give me a little bit of help.  I started to resent the baby and fear my labor; I questioned if I could even love the baby after he had made me so miserable for so many weeks.  Everything bothered me; every time he kicked, every doctor's appointment, every phone call, every visitor.. I was in such a dark place and I am thankful for all the prayers that were lifted up in my name! I'm glad the worst part is over. 
Here's my last belly picture, taken on one of those rare "good" days I had towards the end of the pregnancy. 

..and here's a bonus picture, taken during one of my triage visits...the not so pretty side of the journey. 

My next post will be about Oliver's birth story and how I finally overcame all the darkness that surrounded the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  It's not always rainbows and butterflies and it's important to know that everyone has bad days even during the happiest of times!

Happy Blogging! ;)