Thursday, October 29, 2015

Oliver: 1 month

Our baby boy turned 1 month a few days ago and even though life with 3 kids is extremely hectic, I can't let his 1st month go unnoticed in the blogging department.
Oliver is such a cute baby, lucky for him because if he wasn't so adorable I don't know how I'd deal with his crazy sleep "schedule"; he is basically ALL OVER THE PLACE with his habits...sleeps whenever, eats whenever. Of course the whole thing is my own fault but I don't see how I can get a baby this young on a routine, especially with breastfeeding "on demand" and all. (Suggestions are always welcome!)
People ask me all the time "how is having a boy different from having girls?"; well... my answer to that is the eating! OMG.. this baby boy wants to eat ALL day long, sometimes I feel like my boobs are going to fall off with all that sucking. Aside from that, the boy and girl thing doesn't feel so different...YET!
Oliver weighs 10lbs 8oz and is 22 in long; he has gained almost 3lbs since birth and is totally healthy. His neck strength is pretty impressive and he has already rolled from belly to back a few times (talk about a precocious child!).  He loves showers, breastfeeding, music and especially loves his sisters. The few smiles he has graced us with were all a result of him looking at Olivia; he is completely fascinated by her and it melts my heart; the bond they show with their itty bitty brother is just so adorable.
Oliver was diagnosed with reflux and thankfully he was given medication for it; it seems to be improving slowly so hopefully he will start sleeping longer stretches since he will be more comfortable, or so I hope! The longest sleep stretch so far has been 3 and a half hours, he basically wakes up and goes from perfectly content baby to starving monster in about 30 seconds time! Currently he is sharing a bed with us (I swore that would NEVER happen at our house! LOL) and loves being held and cuddled.. people say we're "spoiling" him and I say "what the heck!"...he's so cute I can't stand it! ;)
Happy 1 month, baby boy! We love you and you are the missing piece we never knew was even missing in our family! Thank you, God for such a wonderful baby!

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Stories of a Happy Mom said...

dear mama i love you BTW it is Olivia and i love your blog but of course not as much as i love you how come you did not mention me helping you so much with Oliver ?? love you bye P.S. after you read this tell me ASAP