Sunday, November 29, 2015

Oliver: 2 months...and Thanksgiving!

Mr. Oliver turned 2 months on the 25th and he could not be any cuter; he is such a happy baby even though my mom would argue it looks like he'll be a "serious man". Oliver is now smiling on demand and discovering the world around him; he has recently started following sounds and voices and recognizes some faces (especially mine! LOL). His sleep habits have definitely improved as he is now pulling 5 hour stretches more consistently and is easier to put down at night; that's not to say, of course, that he doesn't cry like a manic when he's hungry, but it's better for sure... I would still say his "witching hour" comes every other night when he decides that 11pm-midnight is a good time to "party"... we still enjoy it, though because he is so adorable (lucky for him!). 
Life with 3 kids even though hectic, has proven to be more exciting than not; I am proud to say that we are now very well adjusted to our new normal and have grown to love the idea. I'm not going to lie, hauling a newborn (and all his stuff!) around is no joke, but it isn't as much of a hassle as I pictured it to be. 
Oliver is now 13lbs 8oz (what Gaby weighed at 5 months!) and eats like a manic every 2 hours (or even less!).  We are still successfully and exclusively breastfeeding and that's one of the biggest accomplishments in the baby front! He's cuddly and chunky and everything a cute baby can be! :)

This week, Oliver also celebrated his first Thanksgiving (his first "first" holiday). He looked oh so adorable in his special Thanksgiving outfit and bib and of course he was the life of the party! :)

..and of course, I couldn't leave my 2 beauties out; they are such blessings and such good sisters to the baby.  We are so lucky to be parents to these amazing children!

On Thanksgiving day, Olivia came up with the cutest idea. She made a paper turkey and asked me to help her cut out some "feathers". She then asked every friend and family member to write what they were thankful for on their little feather and put them all on her adorable turkey. She was so adamant about everyone writing something because, after all, we are all so "blessed" (her own words!). I just love to see what a beautiful person she is, inside and out, and it's these little things that warm my heart and fill me with joy. 
Here are some pictures of her little project...

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday and as we get ready for Christmas, let's not forget to keep the thanks beyond Thanksgiving and throughout the year!
Happy Blogging! 

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