Saturday, January 16, 2016


My little Gaby is halfway through her 6th year of life and I can't help but get emotional when I start thinking of how much (and how fast!) she has grown..
I know it's hard for all mothers to see their kids turn into little people; but I also know it is very rewarding to see them thriving and learning new things every day.
Gaby is incredibly smart and astonishingly mature; she navigates through tough situations with such ease that I'm often appalled (in a good way, if that's even possible) at her reasonings and reactions.  She does so well in school and is well above average in both reading and math. She has recently taken an interest in reading very complex chapter books but math continues to be her strong subject.
She is bossy, stubborn, unpersuadable and completely loving...all at the same time and I simply love the broad range of feelings and emotions that she demonstrates at such young age.
Gaby is the typical free-spirited kind of girl that follows no fashion trends and basically lives life that way she wants, within a child's world and limitations, of course.  Her happiness and sense of humor are contagious and that's why she has so many friends.
She enjoyes playing with Legos, Barbies and Shopkins...oh yeah.. those Shopkins are a HUGE part of her life at the moment and she spends a great part of her day trying to convince me to buy her more of those little things because for some reason she HAS to collect them all!
She is a great little sister to Olivia and an even better big sister to Oliver; I just love to see her interact with her siblings and enjoy her role in this family.
I am so proud to be Gaby's mom and I thank God every day for this little person he entrusted me with; I couldn't ask for a better daughter (better daughters!) and I know that she will continue to bring so much joy to our family and our life....
Happy *half* birthday, Gaby! We love you so much!!! 

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