Thursday, August 25, 2016

Oliver: 11 months

Wow! "11 months already"; that was the first thought that crossed my mind this morning... to think that a year ago this boy wasn't here is mind blowing. How was our life before him? Did we have this much fun? Were we this tired? Was our life this adventurous? I honestly cannot remember but what I do know is that having Oliver in our lives is SO MUCH FUN!
He is quite a mama's boy and loves me to no end, probably more than any of my kids ever has, or at least he shows it more...
Oliver is one of the most active little boys I know; my friends who have boys tell me that's just the way all boys are but I find that very hard to believe, he is constantly on the move and now he's at an age where I blink and he gets himself in trouble by either grabbing something he shouldn't, climbing the stairs, opening a kitchen cabinet or just being naughty all around...boy is he exhausting!
He loves music and has the funniest booty shake I ever did see; he loves it when I sing to him especially if they're made up songs with silly words and if the singing is accompanied by silly faces and dancing, all the better.. for some reason he loves it when I make a fool of myself for the sole purpose of making him laugh...(I enjoy it too!)
He plays with his sisters A LOT and demands that all eyes are on him at all times; he would scream of frustration when being ignored and will quickly come up with some funky trick just to make people look at him.. 
He's a great eater and seriously eats more than Gaby; his favorites are yogurt, apple sauce, pasta and chicken but he will literally eat anything people put in his mouth...He also LOVES the boob (still!) and as much as I thought of weaning at 12 months, I honestly don't see that happening but we're still playing it by ear. 
He is a MUCH better sleeper now too; he goes down without a fuss around 8:30pm and sleeps until about 6am, that's a whole 10 hours (almost!) so we've come A LONG WAY since our 2-hour, 10 wake ups nights. I am SO proud of him and incredibly happy for us because our life has become semi functional again now that he sleeps "through the night". Of course there's always the occasional "off" night where he gets up every 3 hours but that rarely ever happens now... Thank you, buddy! We really needed our sleep!!
Oliver is now 24 lbs and 31 in; big and chubby just how I like it!
Here's a couple of pictures of our *almost* 1 year old (insert tear). 

I love this one with his hat that no longer fits, but I'm determined to get all 12 monthly pics with him wearing it!

The face he makes when I tell him I'm going to take his monthly picture! ;)

Happy 11 months, Oliver! I can't believe you'll be a toddler soon! We love you!

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Iggy Perez said...

"I'm all about that boob. That boob, no bottle!"