Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love day...and a new baby!

Valentine's Day is always a good excuse to take sweet pictures and write sappy posts so I won't be the are my sweet pictures and sappy words... I love that my kids are still excited to dress in red and pose for "love" pictures and even though it's very difficult to get all three to look at the same time, here's my best effort since Oliver is just starting to say "cheese" a smile funny when I pull out my cell phone.. Gosh I love these kids so much!
And even though I don't have a recent picture of Iggy and I, he's my forever Valentine and I love him SO MUCH.... 

...and what better day than Valentine's Day to write about my newborn niece Mariana Cecilia born this past Friday 02/10 at 8:01pm. I was able to witness her birth and had the immense blessing and privilege of coaching my sister through her second labor; there are no words to describe the amazing joy that moment brought...being able to help my sister get through the pain of labor and seeing my niece come into this world was simply wow!
This picture is one of the many I captures a little bit of that joy we all felt the moment Mariana cried for the first time...

...and here she is at 4 days old.. celebrating Valentine's Day with a homemade photoshoot by yours truly...she's such a doll.. I took a million pictures but these two are my absolute favorite!

Happy Valentine's Day, all!