Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Behind Olivia's hair donation...

About a year and a half ago I donated 12 inches of hair; after letting my hair grow out for a number of months and it getting annoyingly long, "the cut" finally happened and I felt free.. I also crossed off an item on my bucket list and all was right in my world..

But this post isn't about me, it's about a little girl that is ALWAYS watching and has a heart of gold!
She set out to let HER hair grow out to donate it. Olivia is known for loving short hair so I will admit to the fact that I almost didn't believe she would put up with months and months of hair growth when she probably didn't even know the real purpose of a hair donation...

But as usual, it is always the kids that end up teaching their parents wonderful lessons of resilience and humility because not only did she take the time to learn about what donating hair means, but she also took care of her hair for almost 2 years (20 months to be exact!) just to make the donation. 
When she felt her hair was long enough, she asked me to measure it and said to me "I'm ready!". In the months leading up to this she had been getting attached to her long hair and even made up a "hairdo" schedule with her teacher and some of her friends at school; she spent hours on end brushing and styling her hair so when she told me she was ready to "make the cut" I almost didn't believe it. 
She cut off almost 9 inches of hair, which will be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and I couldn't be happier about it..because even though "it's only hair", Olivia's gesture means so much more to me. It means that my little girl is giving, loving, considerate, kind and so much more; it means she was able to put vanity aside to be able to help someone else and my heart feels warm by knowing that my kid is trying to make a difference in the world at such a young age.. the world needs more Olivias and I'm so proud to be her mom! 

Here are some pictures of the process.  

You look so beautiful with your new haircut Olivia and you just became prettier on the inside which is what REALLY matters! We love you so much!


Iggy Perez said...

Oli you are so beautiful!

Delphine said...

She is becoming a beautiful young lady inside and outside.
Her new hair style fits her really well.
Awesome Olivia <3