Tuesday, September 25, 2018

He's 3!

My handsome, sweet and amazing little boy is turning 3 years old today and life with him has been such a fun ride!
Oliver completely turned our lives around and even though I do a great deal of complaining, I wouldn't have it any other way because he is such a blessing to us and so much fun to be around.
He amazes us every day with his brightness, his love and his overall amazing personality and sense of humor.
At this time, Oliver is ALMOST fully potty trained (he still has poo accidents throughout the week), he knows about 70% of the alphabet, knows the lyrics to some of his favorite songs and is very involved in all our family affairs, often helping me with cooking, grocery shopping and even laundry and cleaning...he's quite the charmer!
Aside from turning 3 today, this is also "weaning week" since I plan to be done with breastfeeding in the next few days; we have reached an amazing milestone in this department and I am really proud to have made it this far!
Oliver's favorite TV show is "Masha and the Bear", which he first started watching in Russian until we noticed he was watching it in a language that wasn't English.. ha ha.. He loves dancing, singing, jumping and running around; he's such a ball of energy and seriously gives me a run for my money!
His favorite toys are animal figurines by Schleich, which I seriously recommend to anyone who has kids this age, they are the best; he takes his animals very serious and I love watching him play with them at all times.
He recently started attending his sisters' school and even though he didn't instantly love it, I'd say he's doing pretty well since his class only has 8 children and his teachers are absolutely loving. Oliver is so loved by everyone around him and I feel so lucky to have him in our lives and the fact that he is surrounded by so many wonderful people.
This year we will celebrate his birthday by taking him on a 3-night Disney cruise; he is so excited to go on it and keeps telling everyone he's going on the "Mickey boat"; I can't wait to see his sweet face when we're actually on the will be the best!
Oliver we love you so much and we wish you the best of birthdays.  Thanks for being who you are and for being so loving; your random "I love yous" always make my days and you give the best hugs and kisses.  I feel so lucky to be your mother and I can only hope that we can make you as happy as you make us! I thank God every day for choosing me for you! Happy 3rd birthday, little man!

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