Sunday, November 18, 2018

Lucky 13!

"You never see the hard days in a photo album, but those are the ones that get you from one happy snap shot to the next."
The quote above is one I heard in a movie and even though such movie came out before I even met Iggy, it really stuck since the moment I first heard it because I feel that it really applies to relationships and life in general. 
Iggy and I have been together for almost 14 and even though most of the time has been blissful, there have been many hard days, some of which I wish I could erase from my memory but I know that somehow have been the ones that have made us stronger and more resilient. 
Pictures don't show the difficult when Iggy lost his job and we ended up losing our house, or that time in 2009 when we ended up in marriage counseling because we were too stubborn to give in or accept our mistakes, the countless times I have felt misunderstood or the times where I have been hormonal and he has felt misunderstood.  There are no pictures of the times when we have lost loved ones and succumbed to pain and sadness, or pictures of our messy house when neither of us has had the energy to clean it up. There are no blog entries or Facebook posts about disappointments, anger, hurtful words that are said, sadness, doubt, frustration or jealousy but those hard times and feelings are definitely the ones that have gotten us from one happy snap shot to the next and for that I am SO grateful and blessed because that's what marriage is really about for me. 
It's about knowing that even when times get hard and days are dark, we will stand by each other and make it through; it's about being sure that we will always come out stronger on the other end, it's about growing together, laughing together and crying together... with God always in the middle. 
Today I feel so lucky to be able to celebrate 13 years of marriage with the man of my dreams, the one that has loved me through thick and thin (literally... LOL!), the man that got on this ship to stay and the one who will hold my heart until the very end...
Thank you, Iggy, for jumping with me from one happy snap shot to the next...I can't wait to keep exploring the world with you and enjoying the beautiful life we have created! 
Today I loved you more than I did yesterday and definitely less than I will tomorrow. You are my dream come true and from the day you came into my life, I have felt like the luckiest girl alive!
Happy Anniversary, my love! Lucky 13!
Hold on to your hat... we're just getting started! 
Here some some "happy snap shots" of us! 

2005- 2 weeks after we met
November 2005- Our Honeymoon in San Francisco, CA

July 8th, 2005- Our court wedding
November 18th, 2005- Our church wedding

A random kiss
During one of our trips to Paris

London 2015
October 2018

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