Sunday, November 25, 2018

Movie review: "Ralph Breaks the Internet"

I'm a Disney fan...yes I am! I love all things Disney (or should I say almost all) and was among the many who were eager to see the sequel to the beloved "Wreck It Ralph" movie.
But as much as I love Disney, I also love being objective in my reviews and I must say that the latest "Ralph Breaks the Internet" didn't quite do it for me...
While the characters are noteworthy and the ingenuity of the movie is quite commendable, the story line and quality plot just weren't there, in my opinion.
I appreciated how the immensity of the internet and the undeniable social media influence were described but I thought the movie was very low energy, a little bit slow and definitely too convoluted as far as the story goes...
While the viewers are led to believe that there is a clear goal, the essence of the story is lost in the process and the message that the writers attempt to convey just isn't convincing.
The movie revolves around Ralph's and Vanellope's friendship and his unwavering desire to make her happy and nurture their relationship. They travel to the unknown (to them) internet world in an effort to purchase a broken piece for Vanellope's game, which has jeopardized the fate of "Sugar Rush" and all its inhabitants. But their trip to the internet proves to be more challenging than they expected when they realize that they have to pay for this piece and have to figure out a way to make money.  In the process, Ralph becomes an internet sensation that makes viral videos, she ends up wanting to move to a more exciting racing game that lives online and Ralph turns into a weird insecurity virus which threatens the well being of everyone involved.
In between all that "mess", there is a funny cameo by many of the most popular Disney princesses, which is probably the funniest part of the whole movie but seemed out of place with the rest of the story and an almost too obvious effort to push an agenda that not everyone might agree with.
I won't lie, I was a little sad that this movie wasn't amazing but I did enjoy the funny puns, colorfulness, classic characters and the creativity of the topic... it just wasn't that great! It might be a little too complicated for kids under 6 or 7... just my opinion...
This one gets 2.5 out of 4 stars from me... I really wanted to love it...but I didn't! :/

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