Friday, December 31, 2021

Memoirs of my life in the USA: Official Silver Anniversary


I left off my last post when a palm reader in NYC told me I would marry someone I hadn't met in exactly a year's time.  That happened exactly as predicted and I met Iggy a month later (December 2004), got engaged the following April, and married him on November 18th, 2005 aka the happiest day of my life. 
I could write a long post about how our lives have unfolded in the past 17 years but the truth is that FB has been a witness of that and there isn't much to add, so in this post, I will focus on the unmeasurable gratefulness that I feel today on my official 25th year in the USA. 

I will make it short by saying I LOVE everything about this country, in the past 25 years I have been given amazing opportunities and a life full of blessings. I have met the most wonderful people and made life-long friends that have taught me the most valuable lessons. 
I LOVE the American way, I love the comfort that this country has to offer, I love the richness of every state, I love the customs, I love the freedom that we enjoy, I love the diversity that is found in the USA. I love that this country greeted me with open arms when I was an immature teenager and that it has allowed me to create a path for myself as an adult. 
I am grateful for my family and for the fact that my kids get to grow up here, this is the perfect place for us, the place where we proudly belong.
I am thankful for the decision my parents made 25 years ago and I am proud to be an American. 
I thank God every day for the USA and today I celebrate 25 happy years in one of the most amazing countries in the world!