Wednesday, July 20, 2022

13 & 15

It's always bittersweet to watch your kids grow up; one day they are tiny babies that need you for everything and then you blink and they are their own person with opinions pretending they don't need you for anything. But such is life...and to me, that's what parenting is all about, trusting that whatever you teach your kids throughout their developing years, will be enough for them to get through what life will throw their way.  

The idea of having two teenagers at home was always scary to me; when I became a mom 15 years ago, I dreaded the teenage years and felt intimidated by the sole thought of it. But as time goes on and as my girls grow older, I realize that there is much to learn in this stage of life, and as scary as it may sound (and it still does!), it's a time to be cherished and enjoyed. 

In honor of their recent birthdays, I will dedicate a few words to each of my girls. 

Gaby: she turned 13 on July 16th! There is much to be said about Gaby; she is probably the sweetest out of my 3 children and also the one with the most walls around her.  She expresses her love and cares for others in a very particular way; she's affectionate on her own terms and definitely likes to have her own space but she also craves hugs and attention. 

Gaby has very specific interests; she loves history and is a fan of the English monarchy (Queen Elizabeth is her "bestie"), she knows all the details of the Marvel universe, loves singing, enjoys art (specifically painting), and almost always has a dissenting view when it comes to controversial subjects. She is humble and giving and is never afraid to sacrifice herself for others. She is observant and even though I wouldn't call her "talkative", she does have strong opinions and isn't afraid to put them out there and she isn't easily persuaded. She doesn't like being in the spotlight and rarely smiles in pictures. 

Gaby is a lover of cats, Disney, books, fantasy movies, comfy clothes, Converse shoes, Chick-fil-A, cold pizza, Greek mythology, Stranger Things and many other things that make her unique. I am so thankful to have a daughter like Gaby and I pray daily for her health, happiness and success in everything she does! I love you, Gaby! I can't believe you're a teenager! 

Olivia: she turned 15 on July 17th! I'm never short of things to say about Olivia; she's quite the daughter and definitely gives me a run for my money (both figuratively and literally)...gosh does this girl love to shop! Olivia is definitely a "crowd pleaser", a social butterfly, and the most adventurous out of my 3 children! She isn't proactively affectionate but I know she does love hugs and cuddles, even though we have to beg her for it.

She loves to be around people and is always making plans with friends and acquaintances; she loves sleeping but also can't sit still, a girl after her own mother!
Olivia enjoys traveling around the world and her destination bucket list is probably longer than mine; she knows about the lives of more celebrities than she cares to admit and loves to stalk people on social media. As opposed to Gaby, Olivia loves talking and is usually the life of the party (she's not bothered by it, either!).

Olivia is a lover of Harry Styles, fashion, music, make-up, manis and pedis, Indian food, Stranger Things, random memes, taking photos, and coming up with the next catchy caption for Instagram.  She's also famous among her friends for being the best photo editor, a hobby she enjoys very much (Lightroom is her best friend!). 
I am also thankful to have a daughter like Olivia; she has taught me so many things and I continue to pray for her health, happiness, and success!
I love you, Olivia. Keep giving me headaches!

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