Saturday, January 17, 2009

Olivia is a year and a half!!!

Wow! Time sure does fly... in only 6 months Olivia will be two! What an amazing time we've had with her...every day is a blessing and she's so much fun!
Olivia is a very smart little girl and I think she'll be a social butterfly (just like mommy!). She enjoys playing with all of her toys, especially when her cousin Erika is around...
Her favorite activities include taking baths, coloring, dancing and singing...she's so active!
Her vocabulary is rather extensive, she has over 30 words including English and Spanish; she has a very clear understanding of basic commands and can answer to some of our questions.
We're in the process of getting her ready to be a big sister. Also, within the next few months we'll begin potty training by introducing the concept of the potty seat and similar ideas....

Thank you God for this blessing!

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